Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greenhouse chart

I planted the seeds on Sunday. Its Wednesday and we have seedlings people!! The Brussels sprouts are sprouting, the beans are as well. I'm really impressed with this little greenhouse! Looks like the garden from seeds only is going to be successful (I HOPE!)

Seedling chart for little greenhouse:
1A-4A Broccoli
5A, 6A, 1-6B Green beans
1-6C, 1-2D wax beans
3-6D zucchini
1-4E cucumbers
5,6E, 1F butternut squash
2-4F spaghetti squash
5,6F, 1-6G Brussels Sprouts
1-6H bell peppers
1-4I beefsteak tomatoes
5,6I, 5,6J watermelon
1-4J Cherokee purple tomatoes
1-4K cherry tomatoes
5,6K sage
1,2L rosemary
3-6L cantaloupe

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