Tuesday, March 30, 2010

seedlings planted

Its done. On Sunday Mar 28, 2010 the seedlings were planted in their peat pellets in a mini indoor greenhouse. 72 peat pellets are seeded and now (HOPEFULLY!) growing. I've got the greenhouse set on a TV tray in my bedroom in front of the window. Its an east facing window so it'll get lots of am sun. Later I'll post the list of what was planted so I can track success.

Its actually happening - the garden from seeds is more than just a coulda woulda shoulda idea! Woo hoo this is a big deal for me. I'm one who seems to buy all the stuff but NEVER make it happen so I'm very proud of us for getting these seedlings started.

This will be my 3rd garden, the 1st ever from seed that I planted solely (no store bought seedlings or 3rd party seedling like years past :)

Today its supposed to be 81*! March 30 and 81 :) I'm not sure when our next storm is but I can guarantee you that we are not done with snow and cold here in Colorado Springs - yet as I check the 10 day outlook I see no snow! Lows are around 30, dropping to 27 on Friday - however by and large we're starting to see overnight lows above freezing. Still too early to plant outside but its warming up!

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