Friday, June 4, 2010

Let the weeding begin!

Progress update first:
Front yard:
newspapers laid down and mulch on top. this should stop the weeds (or at least slow them down!), help hold in precious moisture and provide a nice are for the squash plants to have fruit rest upon.

Added compost to growing areas. Replanted zucchini, spaghetti and butternut squashes. Zucchini I broke down & bought 2 seedling plants from the home depot at $3 a piece. We enjoy zucchini and only 1 seedling survived, so I caved & bought nursery plants. Sue me LOL :) But I did reseed everything as well. Last year I planted butternut squash late in the season, 2-3rd week in June and still yielded about 15 squash, so I'm confident that we'll have squash this year :)

Planted herbs in the front as well, bed under windows is now floral & herbal. There are also herbs in the front garden - lots of basil planted, lets see how it grows in the lousy soil out there.

Back yard:
planted beets, more cucumbers (all but 1 died in transplant), pumpkins and the melon seedlings.

Made a raised bed for the watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkins in the rocks of our back yard (75'x15' of flat rocky weedy area), the vines do well back there, lots of room to roam and their big leaves help control the weeds.

Planted herbs in pots on the deck. We have cilantro (which normally I hate but I figured I'd try growing it & see if it tastes less nasty homegrown, I've heard that its better homegrown than from the stores, and I got a free packet of cilantro seeds so I figured why not!), dill, cumin, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme all in pots.

The strawberry, the only one to survive, in the container, is growing. A lot slower than I though it would, but hey, its growing, I can't complain. We might get a berry before fall is here :)

Still need to weed & compost the back garden. It was 95 today and sunny, so I wimped out as sitting in the garden with the sun blistering my back just didn't seem like fun.