Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy seedlings!

Oh my goodness. I planted these babies on Sunday. Its 7 days later. They are literally blowing the top off the mini greenhouse!!! I'm not kidding, every am I have to go and put the lid back on because the overzealous cukes have pushed the lid askew. Even with the lid not staying in place (I can't blame the plants alone, I also have an overzealous 3 yr old who LOVES to watch the seeds growing) they are doing amazing. The only ones that haven't sprouted yet are the bell peppers. Come on peppers, your housemates are blowing you out of the water developmental wise.

Here's some pix of the baby bounty

Wax bean with seed attached at tip still. Wax beans have black seeds - you can see the variegated color in this one still. Beautiful!

Canteloupe these seeds were harvested from a tasty melon we enjoyed last year, from Rocky Ford. We hope these babies are as yummy as their parent melon was! And their awesome growth makes me think I can harvest seeds from my own garden this year for next years season :) LOVE THAT!

more cantaloupe

Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes



Zucchini, its hard to believe that in less than 5 months this will be HUGE, around 3 feet in diameter with vines that trail all over the place, beautiful yellow flowers and slender tasty green fruits. I can't wait!


  1. you have the green thumb, witch!

  2. That's so cool! You sure do have the touch for greens!