Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August photos, as promised

\Welcome to the Garden of the Kitchen Witch, August edition :) This is Yeti, my familiar and constant companion. Isn't she sweet? She's a 9 yr old border collie/basset hound/lab/chow mix and I love her dearly :)
Ah, the tomatoes. We've had to string up the tomatoes, the 'cages' just weren't working. Neither were tripods. I realize now (way too late) that I've got too many plants going on here, next year I'll be better about my thinning out. The far back with the white PVC pipe support is the Cherokee Purple tomatoes, center with the rope support is the cherry tomatoes and in the back in tripods are the beefsteaks. We've had 1 red cherry tomato so far...lots & lots of greens on the vine, and a few starting to blush. Come on August heat, work your magic and redden my 'maters! Please!

This is a Cherokee Purple that's stringing out, I just thought it was pretty and graceful with its long branch and yellow flowers.

Cherokee Purple starting to take on a hint of blush.

Cherry tomatoes starting to blush! Looks like we'll have homegrown cherry tomatoes if nothing else :)

Beets. None of us are really beet fans - so why did I plant them? Because I saw a recipe for crimson mashed potatoes, made with beets. And I've been obsessed with making them ever since. Hence the beets. I hope these stupid red mashed potatoes are good, otherwise I've got a lot of beets to use. Joy...

Cucumbers, FINALLY starting to climb the trellis. I've had to coax these babies along the entire way. They did NOT want to climb it, but I think I've convinced them that its the only smart thing to do. There are some baby gherkin size cukes on the vines, I'm beyond excited!!

Baby green bell peppers, there's about 6 of these on the plants now and many more blossoms. Hooray, bell peppers are a hit in the Witch Household!

Front yard garden from the front door view. The morning glories are really taking off around the trees, love it!

Front yard garden, the 2 big ones in the front are zucchini, the trailing vine is spaghitti squash, the ashy one on the left is butternut squash.

Front yard garden, south side, from the street view. There are close to 20 spaghetti squash out there!! WOO HOO!

Zucchinis on the vine, long & slightly crooked, good thing they all taste the same. There's 2 here, one for tomorrows harvest and a 2nd with the blossom attached, it'll be ready in 2 days.

Morning glory flower bud, should be pretty tomorrow am!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zucchini observation

I noticed something the other day while checking for ripe zucchinis. The 1 plant that survived from seed is not producing zucchini! I've harvested about 2 from that plant, compared to the 10+ from the other 3. The fruits form, blossom, then shrivel and die. I'm assuming its from lack of pollination??? It just seemed strange to me that the one 'from seed' plant is the one that isn't producing, whereas the nursery bought counterparts are going ape shit. Whats up with that? Anyone know?? Suggestions? Do I need to go out there & hand pollinate all the babies as soon as the flowers open, cause I can if I have to :)

Also, raspberry season is over for us now. I harvested 2 gallon size bags of berries, and we ate quite a few while harvesting, too. And I made an awesome raspberry galette with some of them too. Soon I'll make jelly out of the ruby gems I've harvested. I'm really excited about that, last years jelly was the best I've ever had. the berries were even bigger, sweeter and juicer this year than they were last year so I'm beyond jazzed about this years jelly :)

I'll post pix later I promise! the tomatoes are HUGE - I realize now that I should have thinned them out more, D'OH! There is not a lot fruit on the tomatoes, I blame me and Colorado - me for not thinning properly and CO for not being warm enough at night for the fruit to develop properly. Someday I'll grow tomatoes that actually turn red. What a great day that'll be LOL :)