Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seedlings 2.5 weeks

Here are some photos of the seedlings at 2.5 weeks old. They have been moved from the greenhouse to cups in anticipation of moving into the ground in a month or so. They are doing pretty good considering I've never done this before! Sure its my 3rd garden but my first from seed strictly.
all of them lined up in front of the window in my bedroom. I get to gaze upon their lovely green stems every morning when I wake up. It makes waking up a lot easier :)

This is a tomato seedling. Can you see the first 'real' leaves starting to show? They've got the classic serrated edge of tomato plants. So exciting!

Here's the first real zucchini leaf. In a few months these leaves will be about 18to 24 inches big!

Cucumber showing its first real leaves as well.

This is a watermelon. The baby leaves aren't doing good but you can see new growth starting in the center. I think they got a bit sunburned while outside during the transplanting. Fingers crossed that it continues to do well.

Heres one of the strawberry plants in a container that'll live on my deck where it can be shaded from the intense Rocky Mountain sun. April is pretty early to plant these, however since they are in a container I can bring them inside if there's a frost overnight.

Lastly this is the groovy pot I got last weekend - I plan on making a herb garden in this - one that can come inside and live on my counter in the fall & winter so I can have year round herbs.


  1. Hi Andrea. I just noticed you have two blogs. How do you find the time. I was happy when I saw this one too. I love to garden also. I am so impressed by your seedlings. Every year I say I am going to do that. Then I wait too long. They look great! I am jealous..LOL.

  2. plastic cups is a GREAT idea!! I was imagining having to buy little pots to transplant my seedlings into. SCORE! I cant wait to see how your garden grows! :)