Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zucchini observation

I noticed something the other day while checking for ripe zucchinis. The 1 plant that survived from seed is not producing zucchini! I've harvested about 2 from that plant, compared to the 10+ from the other 3. The fruits form, blossom, then shrivel and die. I'm assuming its from lack of pollination??? It just seemed strange to me that the one 'from seed' plant is the one that isn't producing, whereas the nursery bought counterparts are going ape shit. Whats up with that? Anyone know?? Suggestions? Do I need to go out there & hand pollinate all the babies as soon as the flowers open, cause I can if I have to :)

Also, raspberry season is over for us now. I harvested 2 gallon size bags of berries, and we ate quite a few while harvesting, too. And I made an awesome raspberry galette with some of them too. Soon I'll make jelly out of the ruby gems I've harvested. I'm really excited about that, last years jelly was the best I've ever had. the berries were even bigger, sweeter and juicer this year than they were last year so I'm beyond jazzed about this years jelly :)

I'll post pix later I promise! the tomatoes are HUGE - I realize now that I should have thinned them out more, D'OH! There is not a lot fruit on the tomatoes, I blame me and Colorado - me for not thinning properly and CO for not being warm enough at night for the fruit to develop properly. Someday I'll grow tomatoes that actually turn red. What a great day that'll be LOL :)


  1. Your garden sounds great! That is funny about the zucchini plant..not sure why either.

    I love raspberry jam. I made it one year and it was so good. Every year, I say I am going to make it again but never have. I will have to live vicariously through

  2. I would use that zucchini blossom, stuff it with some cheesy mixture, dip in a thin batter and fry! Love your garden. Motivates me to keep digging!