Thursday, July 15, 2010

1st zucchini!!

Well actually, that's a lie. Brian harvested a tiny one for us the other day, I needed a zucchini for a galette I was making, he found a small 'gherkin pickle' sized one. While it was wee, it did its job and we feasted. So this is the 1st zucchini of real size that I've harvested. There are at least 6 more on the vine that I can see, viable & ready to harvest in the next few days. EXCITING!!!

this plant is the only one that survived from seedling, and its the 1st to have a harvest. Yay!

7 inches, oh yeah baby!

The raspberries have been producing nicely this year. For the most part they are nice & plump, the more scrawny ones don't' get as much water. Something we need to address next year! I started harvesting the berries July 2nd, so far I've filled 1 gallon size ziptop bag and started a 2nd. I've also made a galette out of 7.5 oz of the berries. I'd have to average our harvest yield around 12 oz a day! Not too shabby! Jam will be in our future, soon.


  1. I have a case of severe berry envy! Our raspberries have just never really "popped", and so we're lucky to get a handful every other day. And my berry-fiend chickens sure don't help either. They've pilfered my jostaberries, one blueberry bush, a wintergreen plant and three black huckleberry seedlings. :(

    However, our blueberries and zucchinis are looking really good. I'm hoping to pick my first zuke today too. Let the landslide begin! :)

  2. Beautiful zucchini! Sounds like your garden is very plentiful. There is nothing like having all those fresh ingredients. I am so bummed I never got mine going but so glad you did:)